Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Creep Factor: Day Six

 Welcome to The Creep Factor, a new feature that will scientifically determine which episodes of Dark Shadows are the scariest. The results of this evaluation were arrived at through a process involving the I Ching, no fewer than three seances and several experimental blood transfusions. They are presented in no particular order. Also .... SPOILER ALERT!

Day Six: Adam's Ghosts (Episode 544)
In an effort to find Adam, warlock/badass Nicholas Blair summons the ghosts of the different men used to create the "golem." Two of them appear outside Collinwood missing the parts unwillingly donated in Dr. Lang's experiment and point toward Adam's location.

It's one of the goriest scenes in Dark Shadows, which might have been an unavoidable hallmark of the Adam storyline. But it's not the blood and suggested violence that makes the scene disturbing. Instead, it raises a few unanswered questions about the nature of the show's new ambiguous "monster," chief among them "Did Adam have a soul?"  Diabolos and has lackeys clearly believed he did not, which was part of their plan to create a rival to humanity that had no ties to divinity. But part of the story's hook was Adam's own innocence and how it was twisted by Barnabas Collins, Nicholas Blair, Eve and just about everybody else he came into contact with.

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Anonymous said...

i wish they would have done more things with victoria winters, or maybe make a third movie about her. But no one could play her best then the first victoria winters. Miss Going came in second, but no one else could play her.

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