Saturday, February 4, 2012

Children recreate DARK SHADOWS on Super 8 film

This is amazing: SCREAM OF DARK SHADOWS, an fan-made adaption of the first Barnabas Collins story featuring a cast of children. While the film's uploaders are a bit sketchy on exactly when this movie was made, the artwork accompanying the video suggests it was made sometime after HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS was released in 1970.

A word of warning: SCREAM OF DARK SHADOWS is almost certainly more horrifying than anything ever produced by Dan Curtis. It might be a symptom of late-onset maturity on  my part, but the scenes of children murdering each other are pretty disturbing. Still, this is an essential artifact from the golden age of DARK SHADOWS.

Ric Burton, one of the film's young actors, had this to say about the project:
"We had fun as children making movies. Hell, we had or our own film company (Cineramic)."

"We were granted artistic license by our parents (Ex. Willie's death scene-hanging by the neck) That was me Ric Burton - I'm very much alive! The still frames at the end of the piece clearly prove we understood the use of camera angles - excellent cinematography for kids under the age of 13!!!"

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