Friday, February 3, 2012

Dark Shadows
Viewmaster Reels

 I gave some thought to scanning and posting my Dark Shadows Viewmaster reels and booklets, but what do you know? Viewmaster 3-D Spectacular beat me to the punch  (by almost two years.)

Rather than waste my time duplicating efforts, I decided to share a few images from the genuinely spectacular website. These are some of the clearest, cleanest Dark Shadows images you're ever going to see. While a lot of  photos you'll find online are magazine scans, DVD screen caps or copied in some other way, these images were taken off film. Even as low-resolution JPEG files these images are amazing. (And while you're there, make sure you check out the Batman Viewmaster reels, too!)

The Viewmaster set was produced at a strange time in the show, even by the standards of Dark Shadows. Angelique is a vampire, Diabolos is revealed as the real Big Bad (in the modern parlance) of the series, and poor Joe Haskell is given the Willie Loomis treatment before landing in the nuthouse.

What are you waiting for? Go see them!

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