Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dark Shadows fan comic

Robert Nieves is no stranger to Dark Shadows fandom. As part of the The Alternate Shadows he created a comicbook that was serialized within the pages of The Parallel Times fanzine (which is one of my favorites.) He once had bigger plans for the comic, which he explains below:
"This was an idea for a Dark Shadows Graphic Novel that I did back in 1999. It was presented to Katy Scott in the hopes of producing a series of Graphic Novels for Pomegranate Press that would cover the 5 year run of the show. She forwarded my work to Jim Pierson and upon communication with him he expressed that Dan Curtis Productions was not interested in pursuing the idea at the time, so this sits in their vaults."

I've posted three of the pages from that proposed comic above.  Head on over to The Dark Shadows Blog to see them all.

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Morgan said...

Beautiful artwork.

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