Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A recreation of Quentin's haunted phonograph

Here's something that would liven up any drawing room: a fan-made recreation of the phonograph that introduced Quentin's Theme to the world back in 1968. It wasn't an easy project to complete, according to it's creator, who explains:
"The major problem in replicating the phonograph is that it is impossible to replicate it identically. This is because horns like this were hand-painted. Thus, no two were exactly alike. They did, however, follow general patterns, although the individual artists would apply some artistic liberties to each horn, adding a leaf here, or moving a rosebud there, to give each horn a little bit of individuality. The key to duplicating the phonograph is to find a horn using the same general pattern because this is as close as you will come to duplicating the original."
A detailed list of the items needed to finish the phonograph, as well as photos of the process, are posted HERE for you to see.

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