Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spectre Toys giveth, and Spectre Toys taketh way

You might remember the Mego-style Dark Shadows toys created not too long ago by Spectre Toys. Then again, they came and went so quickly that you might not.

The line included three figures in the first assortment and appeared to sell well, with the Barnabas Collins figure selling out at Entertainment Earth and other online stores. The figures sold for $20 retail but today the Barnabas figure goes for about $50 or more on Ebay. In fact, one OPENED figure recently sold for $80.99.

Spectre also created figures for Angelique and the Chris Jennings werewolf (but you could probably pretend it's Quentin if that's more your thing.) The company had an open poll on it website asking customers which characters should be featured in the next assortment. I believe Julia Hoffman was in the lead when the site went down and the company mysteriously vanished. Spectre had unveiled prototypes for several new figures in the line, some of which can be seen in the photo above, but they never materialized on shelves. You can see more photos of the Prototypes at the Mego Museum.

If that story bummed you out, allow me to cheer you up with a photo of Barnabas Collins fighting Darth Vader.

"Angelique's killed me three times this week, Vader. Do you really think that lightsaber will do you any good?"

UPDATE: It looks like Entertainment Earth is taking preorders for the Barnabas Collins figure, which is due out "July 2012."

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