Sunday, February 12, 2012

The first Collinsport Historical Society contest!

I was going through my modest collection of Dark Shadows items the other day and discovered I own TWO copies of Inside the Old House #61. The 52-page fanzine was independently published in 1997 and can be difficult to find, so I thought I'd share it with one of my readers.

The book features an installment of  the "Untold 1872 Flashback" (a series of imaginary episode summaries taking place after the cancellation of Dark Shadows,) an original short story, Dark Shadows classified ads, scans of vintage magazine clippings and more. And you have three ways to win a copy of this book:

1: Go over to the Collinsport Historical Society's Facebook page and "Like" us (CLICK HERE);
2: Follow us on Twitter (CLICK HERE);
3: Or join this webpage with Google Friend Connect under the "Members in Good Standing" to your right.

The winner will be randomly selected from my followers on all three sites, so if you sign up for all three it triples your chances of winning. The winner will be announced Feb. 26, 2012. Keep in mind that this book is a physical artifact and will have to be delivered via snail mail. I will need a name and address so, if you're worried such a disclosure might pose a risk to your career as a costumed superhero, it will make delivering the prize a tad difficult.

Good luck!

UPDATE: I think it's worth mentioning that this contest is open to ALL of my followers. If you've been signed up since the very beginning, consider yourself already entered into the contest. Also, all of you porn stars trying to follow me on Twitter? I appreciate that you're willing to take your clothes off  (and I didn't even have to ask!) but I have my suspicions that your Twitter accounts aren't real. At least, they're not "real" in the way George Berkeley might have defined it.

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