Sunday, February 5, 2012

MORE House of Dark Shadows trading cards (and a wrapper)

Last week I created a few images showing what House of Dark Shadows trading cards might have  looked like in 1970. If my traffic is an indicator they were pretty popular, and I got to wondering what the wrapper for those cards might have looked like. While I was at it, I created a few more cards for the imaginary set.

If you like these cards make sure to tell your friends about the Collinsport Historical Society.  You can join the Society by clicking on the "Members in Good Standing" app in the rail. You can also find us on Facebook HERE. I will be posting some exclusive goodies to our Facebook and Twitter sites in coming weeks.

1 comment:

dmontgomster said...

Seriously, you ought to contact Jim Pierson about issuing these as a licensed collectible for release. It couldn't come out fast enough to tie in with the DVD release, but I don't think that would matter to fans.

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