Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Creep Factor: Day Nine

Welcome to The Creep Factor, a new feature that will scientifically determine which episodes of Dark Shadows are the scariest. The results of this evaluation were arrived at through a process involving the I Ching, no fewer than three seances and several experimental blood transfusions. They are presented in no particular order. Also .... SPOILER ALERT!

Day Nine: Barnabas attacks Carolyn (Episode 351)
Dr. Julia Hoffman has been medically treating Barnabas Collins for his vampirism. His sights set on Maggie Evans, Barnabas coerces Julia into accelerating the treatments so that he can woo the waitress during the daylight hours. But things don’t go as he’d hoped. Instead of curing his condition his body begins to show the full affects of his 200-years of age.
Believing that blood will return him to his “normal” state he attacks his cousin, Carolyn. Even as he strikes he’s promising he’d never drink from “his own flesh and blood,” illustrating just how delusional he has become. During this story arc (his first on Dark Shadows) Barnabas didn't exactly a strangle hold on reality, spending most of his nights playing dress up games with a brainwashed hostage. While it was unclear if he really believed Maggie was the reincarnation of Josette, his attack on Carolyn shows he is in deep denial over his own character and actions.

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