Monday, February 20, 2012

Marathon of Fright!

Here's a cool grindhouse-style newspaper ad for a horror movie festival from the 1970s. First up were the original Dark Shadows movies, followed by the Barry Newman thriller Fear is the Key and Let's Scare Jessica to Death. It doesn't appear that ANY of these movies are available on DVD, though Night of Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows are available on Amazon Instant Video.

UPDATE: Society member Laramie posted a link on our Facebook page to the DVD release of Let's Scare Jessica to Death. Don't be fooled by the modern DVD packaging (as I was.) This is the original 1971 film.

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Chris said...

I saw LSJTD as a kid, in a similar festival. It was in Alabama, probably Abbeville, sometime in the 70s. People were dressed up in moster suits, and a guy pretended to throw snakes into the audience. I was maybe 7. Still the scariest film I've ever seen.

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