Thursday, May 31, 2012

Q&A highlights with Kathryn Leigh Scott

Kathryn Leigh Scott has been answering fan questions in a Goodreads group this week, and will continue to do so until Monday, June 4. The group is open to the public (well, it's open to anyone who signs up for a free Goodreads account) and Scott has already fielded many, many questions about her experiences with Dark Shadows. Below are a few highlights from the week so far:


THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY: I understand that House of Dark Shadows will be released on DVD sometime soon. Are there any plans for you, Nancy Barrett, Roger Davis and John Karlen to record a commentary track for the DVD?

KLS: The DVDs will be released in the autumn, the date to be announced. All of the actors have already been interviewed . . . and my understanding is that there will be special features and new material included. I wish I knew more! 


ALAN: I have to say that your performance as Penny in 'Visitor from The Grave' was excellent and good at capturing vulnerability and anxiety of people who attempt to put their lives back together after being institutionalized. The episode is one of the better ones in that series - which was Hammer's last outing in the Horror field - and struck me as one of the sadness episodes, but also one with a very "Maupassantesque" form of justice.
What where your own thoughts on the role and story, and what was it like working with the late Simon MacCorkindale (who sadly passed away far too young)?

KLS: I was very fond of Simon, and we became good friends. I knew his family; his wife, brother and parents. He was charming and an excellent actor. I was also blessed to work with director Peter Sasdy and actress Mia Nadasi, who also became good friends. I loved doing the film, especially because we were on location in a beautiful setting.


NATHAN: In your book, The Dark Shadows Companion, you state in your introduction that you are in Dan Curtis' office as he is preparing the 1991 DS. You say that he mentions several actors from the original series that he hopes to bring into the 1991 series (including yours). I know it's been 20+ years but do you remember which other original series actors he mentioned as wanting to bring onto the 1991 series? David Selby said at a Festival that Dan asked him but David needed a break from series television after 9 years on Falcon Crest.

Also, I heard somewhere that you read for the part of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard for the WB 04 pilot. Is this true? How did it go? Did Dan ask you to read for the part? And what was he thinking casting someone else? (LOL)

KLS: I don't recall who the other actors were, but surely John Karlen was one of them. I worked with Dan in other projects after leaving Dark Shadows and so did John Karlen. Yes, I did a camera test for the role of Elizabeth that went to Blair Brown. I saw the tape and thought the audition went well. Everyone was very kind at the audition, but I think the request came from the casting director and director rather than Dan. I can't say for sure.


JILL: I am a rabid fan of Dark Shadows actor Dennis Patrick (Jason McGuire/Paul Stoddard/Sheriff Patterson in HoDS). Could you please tell me an anecdote about working with him on Dark Shadows? Or perhaps a memory from one of the Fests? (Anything will make me very happy!)

KLS: Dennis was so funny, so irreverent, and his playful limericks were priceless. I loved the guy! I think he might have been a bit in awe of Joan Bennett, and he covered it by always being able to make her laugh. Dennis and I met every year or so at the Festivals and I'd been in touch with him about contributing to one of Dark Shadows books. Toward the very end of his life, I met him in a book store. We had a long, wonderful chat, then hugged and said goodbye. As I was turning to walk away, he tapped my arm and said, "Could you remind me of how I know you?" I covered my surprise and told him. He said, "of course, of course, I just couldn't place you." It made me realize how skilled he was in covering his failing memory . . . I would never have known if he hadn't asked me who I was.


Anne with an E said...

Cousin Barnabas!! Wolfgirl here...GOOD JOB!! Now if you can add a few more, say 99 or Kathryn!! So many questions and's like someone opened the asylum doors and she is having to chase down each one of us!! Don't you just love her???

Hawkeye Girl said...

Hey rad! That's MY Goodreads question to KLS up there! (I'm the "Jill" who was pestering her about Dennis.) I'm happy you shared this with your readers because it was such a phenomenally sweet & touching answer to my stalker-like inquiry. KLS is a class act.

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