Friday, May 11, 2012

Dark Shadows pulls in $550,000 at midnight

It's really not my intention to piss on anyone's parade, but Dark Shadows is not off to a strong start this weekend.

Box Office Mojo is reporting that the movie brought in just $550,000 at midnight screenings this morning. This doesn't come as any surprise to those of us who attended almost-empty screenings this morning. Dark Shadows already faces stiff competition from The Avengers this weekend, which is expected to rake in an additional $75 million, putting the weekend estimates for Dark Shadows somewhere in the ballpark of a $30 million. If the film follows traditional box office dropoffs, it means Dark Shadows will be lucky to slink to a $100 million domestic gross. It cost $150 million to make.

I'm of mixed minds about this problem. On one hand, I don't want to see mediocrity rewarded and watch this movie perform beyond its meager abilities. That's how we get shit like Transformers 3.

One the other hand, there used to be this comicbook I loved as a kid. An A-list filmmaker developed a movie based on the series and, when it failed spectacularly, the comic company tossed the character into the vaults for a decade. Even though there was still interest in the character, its name became synonymous with "failure," a concept that no business wants to be associated with. And I don't want to see what happened to that character happen to Barnabas Collins.

And now, for The Paul Harvey Moment.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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Anonymous said...

While I think you are entirely entitled to your opinions, your feelings aren't shared by all Dark Shadows fans. The film is what it is, and while I'm not going to make excuses for its faults, I think it would be highly foolish to believe that a major studio adaption could create a film version of Dark Shadows that catered to the original fans AND enticed new ones, while adhering 100% to the source material. The fact that the original stars have praised the film, and the idea to resurrect the property, should be enough proof that there are people out there that will enjoy this film - and it would be elitist to judge them for having a different view on the film as you.

And, I have to say... Transformers 3? Doesn't really seem like you're being fair - you sound pissed that it didn't live up to your own personal expectations, and would rather rebuke the whole thing than give it a fair shake. Either way, not liking the film is fine, but it's hyperbole to compare a film that does genuinely try to be artful (not at all saying it succeeds) and a Michael Bay toy commercial.

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