Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jonathan Frid in Mexico?

Did Jonathan Frid move to Mexico to take a job in Spanish-language media? This Q&A from a Texas newspaper in 1977 seems to think that's the case. The scan wasn't legible, so I transcribed the relevant text below. It appears the word "bilingual" was missing from the answer, though, but was included in the photo caption. I've amended the text below.

UPDATE: Henriette pointed out that the book Barnabas and Company mentions Frid's journey to Mexico, where he spent some time in the town of Cuernavaca where he studied Spanish and Shakespeare.

Nancy Kersey, a longtime collaborator of Frid's, also had this to say: "Jonathan told me he went to Mexico for vacation, study Spanish and start putting together lecture material on Shakespeare and some readings for Poe. He never said anything to me about doing television down there."

 THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE, Sunday, July 10,1977
Q: Will "Dark Shadows" — a daytime serial that ran from '66 through, I think, 1971 — ever be back on the air again? I mean with new segments? And where is Jonathan Frid, who played vampire Barnabas Collins?
— Mrs. T. Thompson, Oakland.

A: Jonathan is living in Mexico and studying Spanish so he can handle (bilingual) roles, "Daytime TV" editor Paul Denis tells us. Also the popular series, now syndicated in San Francisco. Chicago. Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities, will continue presenting the oldies. But no new ones are planned.

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