Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kathryn Leigh Scott in "Hammer House of Horror"

Because Dark Shadows went off the air before I was born, my first experiences with many of the cast members was through their later film and television work: David Selby in Raise the Titanic, Jonathan Frid in The Devil's Daughter, Joan Bennett is Father of the Bride, etc. The first time I saw Kathryn Leigh Scott was in an episode of Hammer House of Horror, which was a neat trick considering I wasn't allowed to watch the show as a child. Still, a few episodes slipped through the security perimeter, including The Silent Scream, The House That Bled To Death, The Thirteenth Reunion and Visitor From The Grave.

Visitor From the Grave stars Kathryn Leigh Scott and Simon MacCorkindale, who some Americans might remember from the short-lived adventure show Manimal. MacCorkindale was like the prototype for Pierce Brosnan, and was everywhere for a few years in the early '80s. I don't think Scott needs any introduction.

You can view the entire episode for free in Youtube. So, turn off the lights, pop some of that new fangled "popping corn" all the kids are eating these days, and click on the arrow above to get started!

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