Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dark Shadows: Cosplay

UPDATE: Chad sent me a new photo of him in character as Barnabas Collins.There's a link to his Facebook page in the post below. Head over there and compliment him on his craftsmanship (as well as his bangs!)


I have a feeling the words "Dark Shadows" and "Cosplay" will be appearing here quite frequently as we near the release of the Johnny Depp film. Yesterday, we brought you a video of a woman offering make-up advice to help you achieve the new Barnabas Collins look, and today Cosplayer Extraordinaire Chad Edward Evett has posted one of his fine costume pieces for sale on Ebay.

You can see an example of his work to your left, and can bid on the item at this link.

1 comment:

BarnabasCollinsGirl said...

i wonder who really did him he looks like the real thing from the movies :3

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