Sunday, May 6, 2012

Barnabas and Company now available on Amazon

The revised edition of Barnabas and Company by authors Craig Hamrick and R.J. Jamison is now available for sale on Amazon. The Kindle edition has been available for several weeks, while the revised paperback (expanded to almost 600 pages from its original 2003 publication) just his Amazon's virtual shelves during the last few days. (Get the book HERE.)

Amazon currently has the book discounted at almost 50% off its list price, and has an extensive sample available for online review. So far, word on Barnabas and Company is resoundingly favorable, and I'll share my thoughts on the book later this week (once my copy arrives.)

Hamrick is also the author of Big Lou, the biography of Dark Shadows star Louis Edmonds, while Jamison wrote A Hard Act to Follow, the biography of actress Grayson Hall.

You can find the official Facebook page for Barnabas and Company HERE.

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