Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waste a minute with SCAR TREK

Confession: I kinda hate mash-ups. The concept reached its peak years ago, but continues to trudge along as kids grow up and discover their fandoms. I really don't need to see another Calvin and Hobbes "re-imagined" as Hal Solo and Chewbacca or whatever the hot thing is this week. Most of this art is meaningless outside of its most rudimentary pronouncement of love. Which is enough, I guess.

I'm not here today to redeem to concept, but to further clutter the landscape with more meaningless meme-ery. I have compulsions. Creative compulsions that demand to be recognized, no matter how silly they are. This week it's SCAR TREK, a mash-up of STAR TREK and some of my favorite monsters from the Universal Studios line. I shared some of these online a few days ago under the less-interesting "Universal Trek" monicker, because that's the best tag I could think of at the time. The name got less appealing as time wore on, so I opted to just rip off THE SIMPSONS.

Anyhoo, here's the entire series, untimely ripped from my regressive adolescent psyche. Enjpy!

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