Friday, January 2, 2015

Lyndhurst is taking over the world one TV show at a time

The producers of the new Smithsonian Channel series MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES temporarily set up shop at the Lyndhurst Estate to create promotional material for the series.

Also known as the Jay Gould Estate, Lyndhurst is a gothic-revival home located near the Hudson River in Tarrytown, New York. The property is no stranger to film and television, and was most recently used as a location for the TV series SLEEPY HOLLOW and feature film WINTER'S TALE.

More to the point, the estate was used as Collinwood for both HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS, and has been a popular location for the annual Dark Shadows Festival. If you're visiting this site, there's a good chance you've been to Lyndhurst, yourself.

Sadly, there appear to be hardly any vampires attached to MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES. The show seems to be playing off the popularity of another gothic melodrama, DOWNTON ABBEY.
Here's the official series summary:
Join Elizabeth McGovern as she takes an in-depth look at the young American heiresses whose real life stories inspired the acclaimed TV drama "Downton Abbey." This series explores the time between the 1870s and the outbreak of World War One, when more than 200 daughters of America's new industrial millionaires marry into the money-strapped British aristocracy. They use their affluence, allure and ingenuity to their advantage, and they bring dramatic changes to the English ruling class and eventually the world.

You can learn more about the series at the Smithsonian Channel website HERE.

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