Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dark Shadows Cruise makes USA TODAY list of oddities

The Dark Shadows Caribbean Cruise was featured this week in a USA TODAY story titled "THE WORLD'S ODDEST THEME CRUISES." The event, which takes its second tour Jan. 10-15 this year, actually includes a number of cast members from the series, which is barely mentioned in the piece. In fact, USA TODAY uses two photos from the original show to illustrate the story that are a little ... misleading. Donna Wandrey appears in one of them, and she is not among the guests on the cruise. Jonathan Frid appears in both images, and it's safe to assume he won't be there, either.

For the record: Kathleen Cody, Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker, Marie Wallace and Kathryn Leigh Scott are the DARK SHADOWS alumni taking part in the cruise. It didn't take much research to learn this, but it's possible the writer of the piece was preoccupied with finding SFW photos for one of the other cruises mentioned in the piece: The Big Nude Boat 2015. There are also such gems as Quilting Seminars at Sea, Psychics Unleashed 3 and the Meow Meow Cruise. I couldn't bring myself to read what that last one was about.

See the list for yourself HERE.

(Thanks to Shadow Wolf for the tip!)


Unknown said...

According to Kathy Cody she will not be attending the cruise.

Unknown said...

Kathleen has been undergoing treatment for a thyroid condition and says she won't attend. If not, I wish they'd get another cast member to go.

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