Thursday, January 29, 2015

New DARK SHADOWS "greatest hits" collections coming in 2015

Two new DARK SHADOWS "greatest hits"packages are coming your way from MPI Home Video later this year.

While release dates have for the DVDs have yet to be determined, Dan Curtis Productions spokesman Jim Pierson said the discs will be "best of" collections showcasing the characters of Angelique and Quentin Collins.

The discs are a continuation of a marketing strategy that's been in place since DARK SHADOWS first arrived on home video in the late 1980s. DARK SHADOWS is possibly the most cumbersome television series that's ever been collected for syndication and home video. With more than 1,200 episodes (which need to be viewed in consecutive order) it's been a difficult series to introduce to new audiences.

The DARK SHADOWS sampler packages, from the "Best of Dark Shadows" VHS release in 1989 to the more recent "The Haunting of Collinwood" DVD, are designed as mass-market releases and sold at low price points to engage new viewers.

Actors Lara Parker and David Selby have had input into the episodes selected for upcoming Angelique and Quentin releases, Pierson said. The upcoming collections won't feature repeats of episodes collection on previous compilations, and will likely include new bonus material.

"Of course, everyone has their favorites," he said. "But hopefully these compilations hit a good number of consensus choices."

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