Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm Your Boogie Man: Barnabas Collins goes disco

DARK SHADOWS fans living in New York City have experienced the show in a way nobody else could. While the original "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE would eventually overshadow them, the cast of DARK SHADOWS were the local heroes of choice for many years.

So, when WNBC decided to promote the syndicated return of the series to the airwaves in 1982, they pulled out all the stops. They even managed to get Jonathan Frid to make a live appearance to promote the launch. Frid was present June 10, 1982, for a party held in the disco Magique, with proceeds from the event being donated to the New York Blood Center.

Magique seems to have been one of the lesser discos, opening in 1979 and closing its doors not long after the DARK SHADOWS party in 1982. It was located 61st and 1st Avenue, across the street from Adam's Apple and not far from Dangerfield's Comedy Club.

While I'm usually content to just share clippings and whatnot, someone shot footage of the Magique event. And it's online! You can watch it streaming below. I sincerely hope someone played "I'm Your Boogie Man" when Frid entered the club.

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