Friday, January 30, 2015

Own a piece of Tim Burton's Collinwood

Prop Store, which also bills itself as verb unfriendly "Ultimate Movie Collectibles," has a number of interesting props available for sale from Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS catastrophe film. Say what you want about the movie, but production design was not among its many, many problems. DARK SHADOWS was a gorgeous piece of work.

Prop Store has a weird assortment of screen-used props from the film for sale, some more significant than others. I dig the Collins Catch seafood cans, myself, but they've also got Angelique's voodoo doll, the "FX" toothbrush used by Johnny Depp in the (sigh) mirror gag, pumpkins, a coffin door and tons of other stuff. You can explore the site for yourself HERE.

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