Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vampire Josette by artist Cara McGee

Cara McGee was one of the more quietly famous artists to attend the HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C., last weekend. While you might not recognize her name, it's possible you've seen her work circulating (often uncredited) on Tumblr, especially among fans of Sherlock Holmes, The Avengers and The Hunger Games.

While trolling the aisles for guys like Marv Wolfman and George Perez, I noticed McGee's work and asked her for a sketch of Kathryn Leigh Scott as Josette (the vampire version.) While speaking to her I began to recognize some of her work from Tumblr ... as did several other people passing by her table.

I've included some samples of her work below. Enjoy!


Sandi McBride said...

How lucky was that? Love the Josette picture

Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet Cara! Love the sketch btw :)

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