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David Selby, Chris Sarandon among actors in "Honey in the Rock," 1962 West. Va. play

In 1962, David Selby was among a group of actors to perform in the Civil War drama, Honey in the Rock. This newspaper story dwells on the local dignitaries who would be attending the production, but it's worth mentioning that the cast included West Virginia natives David Selby and Chris Sarandon (of Dog Day Afternoon, The Princess Bride, etc.) Apparently, Selby and Sarandon worked together quite a bit in their college days.

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Four Groups Reserve Seats For Saturday
The Raleigh Register, Beckley. W. Va,  August 24, 1962

Almost a third of the capacity of Grandview State Park Amphitheatre will be occupied by members of four groups who have reservations for the Saturday performance of "Honey in the Rock" as the play nears the close of its second season.

Management personnel of the FMC Corp. of South Charleston and their wives have reservations for a block of 160 seats. Beckley District Youth Fellowship of the Methodist Church will account for 174 seats. Adding 20 members of the Belle Lions Club and 31 members of the Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 385 spectators from these organizations will be in the audience, which is expected to fill the theater.

Five members of the "Honey" cast, wearing their drama costumes, will accompany personnel from the FMC Corp. as they ride on many chartered buses, pointing out places of interest en route and briefing the newcomers on West Virginia. Chris Sarandon, David Selby, Richard Husson, Norman Arrington, and Jim Ayers will introduce the South Charleston people to the background of the nation's first Civil War Play. When reservations for the block of 160 seats were made, the FMC group generously declined the usual group discount.

Prior to attending the play, plant personnel plan to visit the Beckley Exhibition Mine. For all but two of the sizable group, the visit to Beckley will a new experience.

All are new residents of West Virginia, some arriving to make their homes here before March, many since then. The majority hails from California where another FMC Corp. plant is situated. The California-based firm took over the Naval Ordinance buildings in South Charleston early this year.

Among those making the Saturday trip will be Harry L. Hall, FMC Corp. plant manager at South Charleston, and Richard A. Simoni, industrial relations director.

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