Friday, June 15, 2012

The Leviathans are coming!

Lee Hamilton, the entertainment editor of The Robesonian in 1969, wrote a column titled "Sights and Sounds," which was a round-up of short entertainment-related features. On Dec. 9, 1969, Hamilton's column included notes about a TV airing of Vincent Price in "The Pit and the Pendulum," a variety of local Christmas activities, and a note about the ill-fated "Leviathans" story arc on Dark Shadows.

Sights and Sounds
The Robesonian, Dec. 9, 1969

Robesonian Entertainment Editor

There are some strange new twists in ABC-TV's daytime serial "Dark Shadows" these days.

Since the ultra-vampire Barnabas Collins has returned from his sojourn in the 19th Century, the character, portrayed by Jonathan Frid, has taken on an entire new face, as it were.

Barnabas, it seems, has come under the influence of a cult of strange creatures who are survivors of an ancient race and whose sole existence hinges on being able to capture "souls." The mystery now is centered around an antique shop run by a young couple, played by Marie Wallace and Cris Bernau. There is also an incredibly ancient cairn, or altar, which seems to have materialized out of the past, and which is connected to the cult.

"Dark Shadows" fans will probably really enjoy trying to unravel this new mystery.

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