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DARK SHADOWS a "new romantic-suspense series," 1966

"Dark Shadows" Joins Daytime TV
The Sandusky Register, June 21, 1966

"Dark Shadows," the new romantic-suspense series, will premiere over the ABC Television Network Monday, June 27, 4-4:30 p.m.

The unique weekly contradition of the classic Gothic Novel, will center around the story of Victoria Winters, a young girl who becomes a governess to a ten-year-old boy in a house filled with strangeness and mystery.

Suspense and intrigue will swirl around Collinsport — a small fishing village in Maine — and within the great brooding mansion that looms above it on Widow's Hill. It is in this house (hat the story will begin, as Victoria is surrounded by ominous terrors and drawn into he dark mysteries of the Collins family,  founders of the fishing fleet that still sails from the village's sheltered harbor.

To intensify the Gothic mood, ABC cameras are currently traveling throughout New England to obtain film footage of high, precipitous cliffs, raging seas and moonlit coasts which will be integrated into the series taped at ABC studios in New York. The footage includes exterior views of a French Gothic castle that will serve as Collins House.

Beyond this, ABC is building a permanent set that will contain the interiors of Collins House. The arched hallways, grand staircases and massive rooms with stained glass windows are being created by Sy Thomashoff, well known scenic designer who was art director for television's "East Side, West Side" and "For the People."

"Dark Shadows," which is in keeping with the ABC daytime philosophy of innovational programming and exciting viewing for the young housewife, will feature Alexandre Moltke In the role of Victoria Winters. Miss Moltke, who was in the recent tour of "Beekman Place" with Eve Arden, is a 1965 graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

ABC has a working arrangement with the Academy in which It is contributing to the development of young acting and directing talent for television and radio.

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What a treasure. I love the first season articles, especially this one.

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