Thursday, June 14, 2012

David Selby talks about playing an "older" Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller's landmark graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, is being adapted by WB Premiere as two straight-to-video animated films. Among the cast is Peter Weller, Michael McKean and our own David Selby. The featurette above (courtesy of Selby's Facebook page) talks with the creative team bringing the comic to life, and includes a short interview with Selby about his role as an "older" Commissioner Gordon.

Along with Maus and Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns is one of the three critical successes of the 1980s that helped add the term "graphic novel" to America's lexicon. Because if the book's scope, The Dark Knight Returns has long been thought of as unfilmable, which makes the notion adapting it as two animated features that much more compelling.

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