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"Dark Shadows fans rank second only to the trekkies," 1990 newspaper story

Dark Shadows comes back to prime time, 1990
The Brandon Sun
Dec. 7, 1990

The devoted and tenacious Dark Shadows fans rank second only to the "trekkies" who have kept the memory of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise alive for all these years.
There are conventions and reunions and all the trappings that go along with a cult TV series. It will be 25 years this coming June since Dark Shadows began as a Gothic soap opera on ABC's afternoon lineup.

After 1,225 episodes, the show went off the air. That's when the cultfrenzy began and it continues to this day. As most viewers know by now, producer Dan Curtis, the man behind Dark Shadows, is bringing the Gothic yarn back to TV — this time as a prime-time weekly series set to debut on NBC sometimes in mid-January. Although the new Dark Shadows has a new cast and new sets and the budget of a prime-time show, the devotees of the soap opera will probably be making comparisons to their beloved original.

Kathryn Leigh Scott, who played' .Maggie Evans (as well as Josette du Pres) has become the official keeper of the memorabilia for Dark Shadows. When the show had its 20th anniversary five years ago, Kathryn came out with a book titled My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows and the fans, devoured the tome. Ms. Scott is topping herself with her current book. The Dark Shadows Companion, in bookstores this week. Kathryn admitted that when she did the first book, she thought that was that, but there was still more to say. She also came by some magnificent photos which weren't available when she did the first book. All this prompted her to do the second book.

The Dark Shadows Companion is really a treasure trove for fans of the show. In addition to text by the author, it features chapters by Sam Hall, one of the original writers of the show and the husband of the late Grayson Hall, who played Julia in Dark Shadows. Another chapter is Grayson and Sam's son Matthew, who along with his writer dad, is working on the new Dark Shadows.

Of particular interest to fans is Lara Parker's recollections in the chapter titled, Out of Angelique's Shadow. Lara played the gorgeous and tantalizing Angelique, who was a big favorite with viewers. There's also a short description of the entire 1,225 episodes and an update of where the cast member are today — alas, fans may be surprised to learn that many of the actors and actresses who worked on the show have passed away. The photos of the cast, many in color, make the book a must for Dark Shadows enthusiasts.

Contrary to how it may look, Kathryn Leigh Scott has not spent the good part of her life since Dark Shadows reminiscing. She has been active, appearing in a co-starring part with James Brolin and Lindsay Wagner in the miniseries Voices of the Heart, as well as guest starring in episodes of Matlock, 21 Jump Street, Jake and the Fatman and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

When asked if friend and producer Dan Curtis might find a part for her in the new Dark Shadows, Kathryn smiled and said Curtis said he wanted to establish the new cast first, but he hoped to invite her and many other original cast members to play guest roles eventually.

With Christmas just around the corner, The Dark Shadows Companion would make a wonderful gift for those who have 'remained loyal to the show for the past quarter of a century.



Chrissy said...

I wonder if it was true in 1990, as this article says, that... the devoted and tenacious Dark Shadows fans rank second only to the "trekkies"...Somehow I think the writer is being a bit generous in that evaluation, but if so, we have fallen off, and that's a shame. If we've fallen off at all, it's a shame.

I would love to see a huge revival of interest in the original show. Was hoping the movie would do that for us, but alas...I doubt it.

Would it be too much to hope for ANOTHER movie that is more in keeping with the tone of the original series (and the Revival series), so that new people can get more of a taste of what Dark Shadows is REALLY like, and come to discover the original series?

That's my hope now.

Cousin Barnabas said...

I think Dark Shadows fans might have lost our #2 spot to the Browncoats. These people are INCREDIBLY obsessive.

darkshadowspod said...

Agreed! And rightly so!

darkshadowspod said...

Agreed! And rightly so.

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