Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Naked werewolves and not-so-naked elves

Alex Tuis has posted some of his concept work for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and some of it is ... unusual. If you had any doubts that Burton went into this movie without a clear vision for the film, look no further than the sketches of Angelique that look like something from Elfquest, or (SPOILER) the copious images of topless 15-year-old werewolves. I think Tuis put more thought and effort into this plot point than Burton or any of the film's screenwriters.

There's lots more over at his website, which you can find HERE.

1 comment:

majkinja said...

His ideas of she-wolves/werewolves are seriously disturbing. If I met one of those I would die of a heart attack before it would reach me.

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