Monday, April 27, 2015

Trust No One (except maybe Netflix)

Netflix has quietly been providing all the excuse you need to revisit THE X-FILES.

The on-demand Internet streaming media service has most of the first season of the show now streaming in HD, re-formatted in a way that doesn't appear to damage the show's original photography.

"This is a respectful, near-flawless remastering, with Fox returning to original, widescreen source materials for the first time since the initial broadcast," writes Will McKinley, commissioner of the #AspectRatioPolice. "Episodes that have looked soft and washed out in TV reruns for years now look sharp and (appropriately) bright, with a fresh, more-cinematic patina."

Will has an excellent piece over at his website, cinematically insane, that discusses the pros and cons of retrofitting classic television shows for HD presentations. You should read it.

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