Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lysette Anthony takes a trip on the TARDIS

Lysette Anthony, who played the mad witch Angelique in 1991's DARK SHADOWS revival series, is set to appear in an upcoming DOCTOR WHO audiodrama from Big Finish this year.

Anthony is part of the cast of THE SECRET HISTORY, scheduled for a June release. The presence of Peter Davison on the cover means that the story is either set in the time of the fifth Doctor, or that Big Finish is planning some bizarre crossover with ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. Either would be alright with me.

While I've got some issues with how Angelique was written in the DARK SHADOWS revival series, Anthony was actually one of my favorite parts of the series (see also: Joanna Going). Anthony returned to Collinsport in 2010 for the DARK SHADOWS audiodrama "Kingdom of the Dead," and appeared in Dan Curtis' 1996 film, TRILOGY OF TERROR II.

Here's the official plot synopsis for DOCTOR WHO: THE SECRET HISTORY:
The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 – besieged by the army of the celebrated Byzantine general Belisarius. Caught up in the fighting, Steven ends up on a boat bound for Constantinople, the heart of the Roman Empire.
Rescuing Steven, however, is the least of the Doctor's problems – because he shouldn't be mixed up in this particular adventure at all. Someone has sabotaged his own personal timeline, putting him in the place of his First incarnation... but who, and why? The truth is about to be revealed – but at what cost to all of the Doctors, and to the whole future history of the planet Earth?


Unknown said...

I'm happy to hear that Big Finish is using Dark Shadows talent in Doctor Who stories, much like we Dark Shadows fans have been introduced to many talent actors from the Doctor Who range. Selfishly, I hope this means they also had her record a few lines for a future Dark Shadows story.

Now if they get around to using Barbara Steele in each range and at least 5 significant roles (or 1 character in 5 stories) in Dark Shadows, I can die happy. ;D

Unknown said...

Glad to see she is working. British Newspapers last year were reporting she was going through some pretty hard times. She was hot as a pistol as Angelique but nobody could ever replace Lara Parker.

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