Monday, April 20, 2015

Christopher Pennock, Lisa Richards returning to Collinsport

"The Enemy Within" was one of the best surprises from Big Finish in 2013. Not only did the episode feature a terrific performance from Christopher Pennock, it also included the incarnation of Cyrus Longworth from DARK SHADOWS' central timeline.

In the original series, Longworth was a Henry Jekyll-esque scientist, whose alter ego John Yaeger caused quite a bit of trouble in "Parallel Time" Collinsport. But Longworth was one of a handful of PT characters that didn't have counterparts in the main timeband. Big Finish corrected that oversight, introducing the character into Collinsport Prime in the episode "The Fall of the House of Trask."

If you thought Yaeger was a nasty piece of work in the original series, he's nothing compared to the secret lurking within Longworth 2.0. The character (as well as Lisa Richards as Sabrina Jennings) is set to return this year in "Deliver Us From Evil" and I'm pretty excited about it.

From Big Finish:
Following the announced release of "Panic" and "The Curse of Shurafa," in May and June, comes "In The Twinkling Of An Eye" by new writer, Penelope Faith. The story stars Marie Wallace as Jessica Griffin, the landlady of the Blue Whale in Collinsport. Jessica has recovered from her recent attack and is now back behind the bar and back to her usual gossipy self. However, when a mysterious stranger (played by Ryan Wichert) arrives in town, could a secret from her past be revealed? The story also sees the return of Alexandra Donnachie as local teen Jacqueline Tate.

August’s release is "Deliver Us From Evil" by Aaron Lamont – writer of  "The Haunted Refrain" and "Beyond The Grave" – and sees the return to DARK SHADOWS of Christopher Pennock as Cyrus Longworth and Lisa Richards as Sabrina Jennings. Amy Cunningham (Stephanie Ellyne) meets up with her estranged sister-in-law, Sabrina, who tells her of what happened ten years before when she was reunited with Cyrus and the two were confronted by serial killers Alfie Chapman (Simon Kent) and Danielle Rog├ęt (Brigid Lohrey). Cyrus and Sabrina previously appeared in the drama "The Enemy Within" and Alfie and Danielle previously appeared in "Beneath The Veil."

“I’m very proud of these two releases,” said co-producer Joseph Lidster, “because they couldn't be more different from each other. 'In The Twinkling Of An Eye' is a very poetic, beautiful character study whereas 'Deliver Us From Evil' is a dark, twisted tale of what happens when a man with the son of the Devil in his head and his ex-werewolf ex-girlfriend meet a young British serial killer and his possessed-by-an-18th-century-serial-killer-girlfriend. At Christmas.”

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