Friday, April 10, 2015

THUNDER ROAD (1958) comes to Blu-ray

THUNDER ROAD, the 1958 cult film starring Robert Mitchum, was released on Blu-ray earlier this week by Shout! Factory. The film also features an impossibly young Mitchell Ryan almost a decade before taking the role of Burke Devlin on DARK SHADOWS. Here's what Ryan has to say about the movie:
"I was twenty-three years old and on my first movie set. I was nervous as hell and stayed to the side away form the camera. I had a small scene with Mitchum who was just short of being a god and at the height of his popularity. He stood by the camera joking with the crew. At last I heard my scene called, at which point Mitchum walked over to me, was silent for a second and then said, 'Remember, I'm big Mitch and you're Little Mitch.' He looked grim then burst out laughing and said, 'Let's do this fucking thing.'"
THUNDER ROAD is available on Blu-ray from Amazon.

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