Thursday, April 16, 2015

Praise for Grayson Hall from Richard Burton

Matt Hall made an interesting discovery while going through the effects of his late father, Sam Hall: A letter from actor Richard Burton to Myrna Loy. Burton appeared opposite Matt Hall's mother, Grayson Hall, in 1964's THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, for which Grayson received an Academy Award nomination for best actress.
"Richard Burton knew Myrna Loy. He wrote her a letter from the set of Iguana in Mexico, extolling the virtues and acting ability of my mother. After Iguana, back in New York, my parents were swept for a period into Myrna Loy’s social circle. She gave them Burton’s letter."
You can read a sample of the letter below. Matt Hall has scanned the complete letter and envelopes, which you can see at his website, Nantucket '73.

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