Saturday, April 18, 2015

Danny Elfman's DARK SHADOWS score is streaming on Amazon

If you're got Amazon Prime you can listen to Danny Elfman's 2012 score for DARK SHADOWS for no additional charge. The 21 tracks include an extended version of the prologue, sequence, which was abridged in the final version of the film. It's a pretty good score and features some of Elfman's best compositions since 2003's HULK.

What's interesting to me is that Elfman's work highlights what Tim Burton was trying to accomplish with DARK SHADOWS. It's a rich, moody soundtrack that would have been right at home on the original television show, even though it lacks all of Robert Cobert's signature melodies from that series. Burton's film had a wonky, interesting tone and was visually lush ... but was hobbled by one of the laziest screenplays this side of a Michael Bay film. Luckily for Elfman, the dumb script isn't really a problem for the score.

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