Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Terror Bytes!

* Rialto Pictures has announced the U.S. release of THE WICKER MAN – FINAL CUT, the definitive version of Robin Hardy’s 1973 thriller of pagan worshippers on a remote Scottish island. Famously known as CHRISTOPER LEE's favorite film (at least, among those he's appeared in) THE WICKER MAN has been released in several edits since its original release, with the "lost" footage presumably languishing in an unidentified film vault. I can't even imagine what this footage will add to the final film, but Rialto has my attention. The company will roll out the restored version beginning Sept. 27 at IFC Center, New York City, with runs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and other cities throughout the fall.

* A re-mastered edition of THE MONSTER CLUB is coming to DVD and Blu-ray (!) on Oct. 1. It's an oddity, even among VINCENT PRICE's already strange list of credits. Clearly inspired by the "creature cantina" in STAR WARS, the film is an anthology of tales told by Price while having drinks in a secret club for monsters. Also appearing are DONALD PLEASANCE, JOHN CARRADINE, SIMON WARD and STUART WHITMAN. It's a cool little movie.

* JEFFERSON TWILIGHT, the "Blacula Hunter" from VENTURE BROS., will be available as an action figure in 2014. He's paired with PETE WHITE for reasons I can't even begin to speculate about.

* ROB ZOMBIE's latest film, THE LORDS OF SALEM, will be out on home video Sept. 3. I still haven't seen the film, but won a signed plate for the novelization a few months back. Based on my experience with the novel (written by Zombie with B.K. EVENSON) I can't really recommend the film. The story made little sense and was polluted with the usual Rob Zombie almost dialogue ... but, if SUSPIRIA is evidence of anything, it's that a movie doesn't need a functional narrative in order to "word."

* PAC-MAN meets THE SHINING, by the artist known as MR. WHAITE.

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