Friday, August 30, 2013

Dynamite cancels DARK SHADOWS

This is sad news, but not unexpected. According to Dynamite's official solicitations, issue #23 of DARK SHADOWS will be the company's last. The series got off to a strong start, but was hobbled by unexpected creative changes before the end of the first story arc. The book just never recovered, and bullshit like DARK SHADOWS/VAMPIRELLA didn't help matters.

I'm mostly enjoying DARK SHADOWS YEAR ONE and will have a review of that series posted next week, but the demise of the monthly series will rob of us some great FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA cover art. According to a recent Tweet from the Eisner award winning artist, his stint on DARK SHADOWS has been the longest of his career.

The final issue of DARK SHADOWS is scheduled to go on sale Nov. 27.

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AngantyrTheKing said...

It is a big shame. It wasn't perfect but was pretty good for a debut run, stronger than many spinoff comics based on films and TV shows. As it was only a debut, it certainly was not as strong as the audios became though it did reintroduce Nicholas Blair, who was very strongly written. I actually preferred the later issues infact. The first arc was simply a mundane and routine - good to open the series with - Angelique plotline, whereas later we got some new villains mixed with old villains which was more in line with the series which didn't really just repeat Angelique all the time (since the Victorian plotline she became more of an ally than an enemy... so be it a rather frustrating and selfish ally). In the later issues we had a nice flashback to the 1790s with some great art (including Barnabas wearing clothes we'd never seem him wear, complete with a beaver hat, but which were not historically inaccurate or out of character) to explain the Lockwood character, and we had some interesting locations and at least one new interesting main character (the sheriff of Spafford). I think it is sad that we never will know how Barnabas and his friends defeated the ''Big Bad'' (I do not want to give anything away) and saved the day, we are left with tantalizing hints and references. I hope that someday the DS comic license is picked up and they continue with the plotline for the first few issue, and then move on from there.

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