Thursday, August 22, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

Artwork by the Demon Cartoonist
* LARA PARKER discusses the "blessing and curse" of TV tie-ins:
"Complicating the situation are the expectations of the fans. Any journey outside of the TV show’s canon is likely to annoy, if not antagonize them. The devotes’ fidelity to Dark Shadows so governs their responses that even the amazing talent, vision and, of course, financial resources of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp failed to impress them when they discovered the tone of the Warner Brothers film was bent into comic satire."
Read the entire editorial at SF SIGNAL

* The website MY BOOKISH WAYS is giving away a copy of Parker's new novel, DARK SHADOWS: WOLF MOON RISING.

* Guess what? Here's another story about LARA PARKER, written again by DAVID-ELIJAH NAHMOD. It's titled "Here's What Happens When the Hot Vampire Steps Off the Screen and Writes Her Own Damned Book."

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