Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bret M. Herholz illustrates THE NIGHT WHISPERS

Artist BRET M. HERHOLZ, whose name is mentioned here from time to time, has posted a few pages of art illustrating the Big Finish audiodrama DARK SHADOWS: THE NIGHT WHISPERS. The episode marked actor JONATHAN FRID's only appearance as BARNABAS COLLINS following the cancellation of the original TV series in 1971, and co-stars JOHN KARLEN and BARBARA STEELE. Written by STUART MANNING, the episode won a Rondo award in 2011.

Here's what Herholz has to say about the art:
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Frid's voice had aged a great deal when he took on the role again, but it sounded absolutely perfect for the story. You got the impression of an older graver Barnabas Collins. Long since freed from the vampire curse and living the remainder of his unnaturally long life in the Old House.

Stuart gave me permission to adapt a few of his marvelous play into comic book pages. You can see a few of the finished pages above.

Although, I didn't make Barnabas appear "older" because the opening dialogue mentioned him being "unchanged".
You can see all three pages art from THE NIGHT WHISPERS at the artist's blog. Meanwhile, Herholz has a pretty terrific DARK SHADOWS print for auction at Ebay. It's signed, and the auction ends soon. So hurry!

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