Friday, August 23, 2013

Barnabas Collins by PATRICK DEAN

Part of the fun of collecting sketches at comicbook conventions is discovering new talent. PATRICK DEAN is not an artist I was familiar with before attending this year's HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C. It was actually my wife who first spotted his work and asked him for a sketch of Dr. McCoy from STAR TREK. After seeing his take on "Bones," getting a sketch from him of Barnabas Collins became a moral imperative. Here's the final result ... what do you think?

You can see more of his work at his official website. He's got a story available to read for free called "Knocked 'Em: A Charming Tale Told Without Words of One Man's Journey Into the Night to Find Something Dear and Wonderful for his Wife Who Seems to Enjoy the Night Air as Much as He."

1 comment:

joanne said...

Sorry he looks like Tricky Dick!!!!

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