Friday, June 7, 2013

Sharon Lentz sells SUGAR CRISP

Man, I miss the days when cereal companies didn't even TRY to hide their product's empty, tooth-rotting tendencies. This might as well be a commercial for crystal meth. While the product's history is fuzzy, Sugar Crisp was eventually renamed "Super Sugar Crisp" before settling on the more benign "Golden Crisp." Not to be outdone, Kellogg's sold pretty much the same product under the William S. Burroughs sounding name of "Sugar Smacks."

Now the phrase "Naked Lunchables" has appeared in my head and I'm trying to not imagine what that product might be like. But I digress.

Those of you with sharp eyes will recognize a very young SHARON SMYTH LENTZ in the commercial above. This was a few years before her stint on DARK SHADOWS as Sarah Collins. There's some speculation on Youtube about the identity of the actor playing "Big Kid" in the commercial, but it's possible it might be the late JEFF CONAWAY of TAXI.

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