Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deleted scenes from 1991 DARK SHADOWS pilot

Back in the days before DVD came along, the home video market was fairly unwelcoming to television shows. While DARK SHADOWS and STAR TREK managed to find an audience on VHS, too many shows were relegated to "subscription service" plans from distributors that obliged customers to sign up for expensive video tapes that rarely contained more than two episodes.

The home video release of the 1990 DARK SHADOWS "revival" series contained only a single episode per tape, and each tape probably cost more than $20. The video at the top of this post allegedly came from one of those VHS tapes: It's a compilation of more than 10 minutes of footage from the pilot for the revival series. Not surprisingly, these scenes do nothing to move the story forward, though they provide a lot more insight into the show's various relationships. There's some good stuff here, even if these scenes (and the decision to excise them) underscore the many problems with the revival series.

Strangely, it doesn't appear that these scenes were provided with the DVD release of the series. Amazon's listings show only the word "NONE" in it's list of special features, so my thanks to whoever uploaded this video to Youtube.


Chad Moore said...

You're very welcome! I had been meaning to upload a compilation of clips for some some, and I finally got around to it. :)

Anonymous said...

The VHS releases far outshine the DVD release. Not only is the deleted footage included in the body of the episode itself, but the scenes are color correct! Night looks like night!

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