Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Canada's Walk of Fame: Jonathan Frid out, Alan Thicke in

Wow, this is disappointing. Not just because JONATHAN FRID didn't make the cut for CANADA'S WALK OF FAME this year, but because its board of directors stepped over him to welcome ALAN THICKE into the fold. You know ... the guy who wrote the theme song to DIFF'RENT STROKES and shares some blame for introducing the loathsome KIRK CAMERON to the world.

It's not my intention to pick on Alan Thicke, who didn't ask to be put in this position. He's probably a nice guy, and his "Random Roles" interview at THE AV CLUB is a fun read. But c'mon. He's Alan Thicke. He's never been the most popular part of any project he's been involved in.

It feels a little hypocritical to lobby for an actor to be recognized by one of these fame-based institutions and then slam said institution when things don't go your way. My contributions to the campaign were meager when compared to the time and effort of others involved. I think Jonathan Frid deserves to be on this list, but there are a ton of political aspects that make his induction a difficult task. No, Alan Thicke and That Guy From Titanic never had their likenesses on board games, puzzles, comicbooks and whatever, but they also never withdrew from their chosen profession (which Frid did for many years.) Also, That Guy From Titanic has tons of recent credits to his name, while Thicke ... well, I really don't know what the hell he's doing these days. Fashion, pragmatism and cronyism play a large part in the selection of these candidates, and it wouldn't be a surprise to find out CANADA'S WALK OF FAME paid zero attention to the write-in votes that were cast.

If you want an idea of how strange and weird the CWOF nomination process is, read this 2012 news story about how difficult it was to get PHIL HARTMAN elected.

So, Frid didn't make the cut. Should we try again next year? Sure! I met some interesting people throughout the course of the campaign, as I'm sure others did. These connections certainly won't hurt our chances in 2014 if the primemovers behind Frid's campaign decide to do it again. If the CWOF board has permanently stacked the deck against us, the least we can accomplish is to rub their noses in their own corruption.


Silvia said...

Excellent!!! Thank you very much.

Angelia Phillips said...

Love this!!!

Awesome post!!

Unknown said...

I agree it is a shame that Jonathan Frid did not make it. I was disappointed but not surprised. In spite of how encouraging the CWOF seemed to be about receiving nominations, my sense was that they would be dismissive of the popularity and subsequent contributions of an actor who played a vampire on a daytime soap opera. I don't downplay any of the accomplishments of those who were inducted but another (hidden) agenda tends to be in play with organizations such as this. The same sort of agenda plagues the Academy Awards and the Emmys which is why I don't pay much attention to them anymore.

John said...

Another disappointment in the States: Universal monster makeup genius Jack Pierce was just recently passed over for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

BT said...

Very disappointing.
I'm in for next year!

Anonymous said...

Gee, it's almost like they are some kind of clique that only allows a certain type of person to be a part of things. That's just odd, isn't it?

Unknown said...

You do know guys that Jonathan Frid would not have been voted in the same way that Alan Thicke would have? Jonathan, as he is deceased, would be up for the Canadian Legends award. Unfortunately, Frid was not one of the 6 people to choose from this year and it went to Oscar Peterson. Due to the overwhelming support that Frid got in 2013, I strongly believe he will be one of the 6 Legends choices next year. (It worked for the campaign to get Phil Hartman inducted.)
Alan Thicke would have been voted in Seperately amongst the living. He is Canadian and should be in the Walk of Fame even though as those complaining people say "He was famous in Hollywood". He is Canadian and that is what matters. He has every right to be there as well. I am a tad peeved at people who complain just because their one Canadian such as Amanda Tapping or Corey Hart didn't make the list and cry foul and give up.. We don't know about all the fan campaigns going on, away from Facebook. Also, they need to get a varied group of people in every year including Sports and Innovation, not only TV film and music. They also need to have a strong group of people every year.If they put in everyone at once, 10 years from now, the honourees would be bit players and the like.
What would you guys done if Corey Hart had made it, and not Frid or Tapping or Dupuis? Would you have reacted i n the same way.

I'm sorry for ranting, but I noticed all this back talk on the Facebook page and anger and wanted to rspond, but I don't have a facebook page.


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