Thursday, June 27, 2013

Collinsport News Bulletins

LISA RICHARDS returns to the role of Sabrina Jennings in THE ENEMY WITHIN, a Dark Shadows audio drama coming in July from BIG FINISH. CHRISTOPHER PENNOCK and NANCY BARRETT are also slated to be part of that production.

KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT announces a summer "blog tour" for her latest book, DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HEELS.

LARA PARKER is planning a book tour for her novel DARK SHADOWS: WOLF MOON RISING later this summer and is looking for possible venues.

PATRICK McCRAY is halfway through the latest phase of THE DARK SHADOWS EXPERIMENT.

And last but not least, today marks the anniversary of the debut of DARK SHADOWS back in 1966. Here's how the show was presented to newspaper readers 47 years ago.


Izzysmom said...

Great to hear !!

BT said...

BTW -- Love the photo of Lara Parker. Never saw that one before!

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