Friday, June 14, 2013

Eve returns in BENEATH THE VEIL

Well, THIS certainly got my attention.

When Big Finish announced the next slate of DARK SHADOWS audio dramas, it appeared they were setting off into uncharted waters. A handful of original cast members were attached to these episodes, but there were also many new names and faces involved. If BF wanted to experiment with the formula by creating new heroes and heroines -- characters free from the shackles of existing continuity -- I was willing to go with them. It would have been a risky venture, for sure, but the company has earned the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, I was relieved to see the return in this episode of DARK SHADOWS stalwarts KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT and NANCY BARRETT, not to mention MARIE WALLACE in one of my favorite roles: Eve. The early details of the upcoming episode, BENEATH THE VEIL, simply mentioned that a serial killer had arrived in Collinsport. Eve's past life as French maniac Danielle Roget almost gaurantees she's somehow involved.  Here's the official summary: 
Alfie Chapman and Emma Finney, a young English couple, are on a road trip, travelling across America. When their car breaks down, they find themselves having to stay overnight in the small town of Collinsport.

And on that night, people start dying.

As Alfie and Emma become acquainted with the residents, they discover that there's more to the sleepy little town of Collinsport than they first thought.

But will they discover the truth behind the murders before they become the next victims?
BENEATH THE VEIL is scheduled to arrive in July. You can listen to an audio trailer for the story at the company's website, and look for an interview here with the episode's author, KYMBERLY ASHMAN, in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to nit-pick, but it's actually coming out at the end of the month. I actually got worried I had mixed up dates again, haha.

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