Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike Hoffman and the Pre-Wedding Jitters

I'm getting married in a few weeks. It's not really a coincidence that it's happening near Halloween, which is Christmas for the Horror Kid Nation. There are quite a few family members coming into town for the event and, to make sure they've got something to do besides hang out in their hotel rooms until the big day, we decided to combine some of the rehearsal events with a costume party.

Mike Hoffman gratuitously agreed to create a piece of art for our invitations. The original is above; the final version with my added typography is to the left. I included some fake "movie credits" to the poster design thinking they'd be illegible on the final invitations, but nope ... you can CLEARLY read the credits from the movie ALIEN at the bottom. But that's OK, seeing as how ALIEN is my favorite movie.

1 comment:

vderricks said...

Cool art work. Here's to many years of happiness.

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