Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Curse of Dark Shadows" nears, 1971


 (Note: NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS shot under the title of CURSE OF DARK SHADOWS. The decision to change the name of the film must have been a relatively late decision, because this May, 1971, newspaper feature still referred to the movie by it's original name. NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS is being released today on DVD and Blu-ray.)

The Deseret News - May 14, 1971

A second film based on the later TV series, Dark Shadows, is being made for release this summer.

"Curse of Dark Shadows" is being produced in Tarrytown, New York, site of the famoure Gothic mansion called Lyndhurst, once belonging to railroad baron Jay Gould.

The popular daytime TV series was cancelled last winter, resulting in a considerable amount of complaints from viewers. A movie, "House of Dark Shadows," was produced, based on the TV series, and was a success at the box office.

"Curse of Dark Shadows" is being produced and directed by Dan Curtis, who conceived the TV series, and features many of the actors who co-starred on the TV series.

Among the cast are Nancy Barrett, who played several roles on the TV series, from the inception of the series; David Selby, who played Quentin; Lara Parker as the witch, Angelique, and Grayson Hall as the sinister housekeeper.

Lyndhurst, now a popular tourist attraction, was perfect as Collinwood, the ancestral home of the Collins family, where all the vampires and ghouls lurked.

"Curse of Dark Shadows" tells the story of a new couple moving into Collinwood.

Producer-director Curtis feels "Curse of Dark Shadows" will appeal to a large audience.

"Well, they certainly turned out for 'House of Dark Shadows.' We not only got the television audience, but all those people who heard about the show, but never had a chance to see it because they worked during the day, attended the film," Curtis said.

Miss Barrett agreed. "Many of the actors on the series had their own fan clubs. The kids got involved with it, and now they're eager for the film to come out.

"There was an amazing rapport between all the actors on the TV show. So it's sad when a group that's worked that closely together has to break up. Doing this movie has kept some of us together for a while, so at least we didn't have to say goodbye all at once."

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