Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thanksgiving with Louis Edmonds

Bill Branch is no stranger to Collinwood. His art, publications and games are well known to DARK SHADOWS fans, so I was delighted when he agreed to share some of his memories with this website. You can also look for his classic HOWLERS comics to appear here on Fridays for the next few months (and keep an eye out next week for the story behind the Victoria Winters painting seen in one of the photos below.) 

I met Louis at one of the Festivals in the early 90s and thought he was charming, so when I saw Craig Hamrick’s book, Big Lou, there, I bought it, devoured it and sent Louis and Craig my praises.

The next thing I know, my partner & I are invited by Louis through Craig Hamrick to spend the weekend at Louis’ home, the Rookery.

We went to the Rookery one other time for a weekend, then invited Louis and Craig to our home, Winter Cottage, in Deep River for Thanksgiving overnight.

The following year, 2000, I was amazed when Louis drove with his nurse/friend Robert all the way from Long Island to Vermont for our Civil Union ceremony. It really made us feel special.

I won’t pretend that I was at the top of Louis list, but he was at the top of mine. He called us his Deep River Angels and I miss him every day. I keep his photo out in our dining room.

Louis was a doll, with his slightly naughty humor, sweet to the core.


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