Monday, October 1, 2012

And the winner of the DARK SHADOWS giveaway is ...

We had some terrific responses to the DARK SHADOWS giveaway sponsored by Warner Bros. We asked What would you do after being in a box for two centuries? and CHAD EVETT provided us with the two answers: enjoy ''Fine Dining'' (above) and "Indulge is some nightlife!" (left.)

If Evett looks familiar, it's because he's been featured here before.

If you're curious, the answer submitted more than any other involved some variation of "I'd use the bathroom!" One astute reader even drew a line connecting the idea from DARK SHADOWS to one of the more memorable scenes from the first AUSTIN POWERS movie, which is not the first time the two movies have been compared.

DARK SHADOWS comes to Blu Ray, DVD and digital download on Oct. 2.

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