Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barnabas Collins by Gino D.

Gino Di Bianco, an artist from Astoria, Queens, has been celebrating Halloween by drawing (and sharing) some of horror's most classic characters. Among his art is this inked drawing of Barnabas Collins, which I stumbled upon over at Reddit.

"I like the classic stuff because the characters are very unique and heavily stylized," Gino said. "My wife and I discovered Dark Shadows by coming across a model kit of Barnabas Collins at a local hobby shop. We went home and saw that the old seasons were all on Netflix - started watching and were hooked right away. I hope to someday have a brandy with Roger at the blue whale."

You can find more of his work at, where you'll find drawings of everyone from Tony Iommi to Andy Griffith. Check it out!

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